Hollywood Dish, January 21, 2016

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What’s buzzing this week? Let Steve Kemble, US Weekly Fashion Police Top Cop, entertainment reporter for the CBS Radio Show – Afternoons with Leigh Ann & Courtney Kerr on KVIL 103.7 www.kvil.com and America’s Sassiest Lifestyle Guru, fill you in on the news everyone’s going to be talking about:

Jennifer Lopez opened her Las Vegas show last night and I was honored to be invited! I had the time of my life seated with Ryan Seacrest, Leah Rimini, Hota Kotb, Justin Bieber and a hilarious Rebel Wilson!!! Seated next to me was Derek Hough and Kelly Osbourne! The show was amazing and was a non-stop, high energy 2 hours of fabulousness!!

In case you missed this week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I encourage you to take the time to watch! We were introduced to a new character Kathryn Edwards and OH MY! is she going to bring the drama!!! In next week’s episode I expect a big clash with Faye Resnick! #mustsee

The American Express slogan- ‘Don’t Leave Home Without It’ does NOT apply to Tori Spelling! They have basically told her she will leave home without it, I mean she can take it- but NOT! use it! American Express has filed suit against Spelling for non-payment of $37,981.97. The amount has been outstanding since last summer. AMEX said she did attempt to make one payment for $1,070.00. And in case you are wondering this is the same Tori Spelling who is millionaire Candy Spellings daughter. Candy is denying there are any issues with AMEX! Hmmmmmm! #moderndaypoorlittlerichgirl.

Kris Jenner told Maria Shriver some exclusive news and I simply must share with you! She admitted to Maria that some of the images her daughters post are “cringeworthy”. She went on to say,  “for example, the picture Kim posted with her booty and the martini glass”. Dear Kris, that was a champagne flute, yet what you are thinking about is probably the eight martini’s you had when you saw the photo! She goes onto to explain to Maria why she is more of a friend to the girls than a mother because she wants them to take care of her when she is old and she is afraid if she is nasty they won’t!

Ooooh and speaking of the Kardashians, guess who Kourtney’s ex and baby daddy Scott Disick is now bff’s with…you won’t believe!! Chris Brown! Yes, THAT! Chris Brown…you read that right! Oh My!

It has been 28 years since Pee Wees last cinematic adventure! But guess what?! He is coming back and will debut his new TV streaming movie Pee Wee’s Big Holiday at South by Southwest in Austin! Following the premiere, the show will debut for you to see on Netflix on March 18!

This film even stars Mr. Sophia Verga, Joe Manganiello…you know from Magic Mike. There is no secret word in this Pee Wee adventure, but I have seen it and let me tell you a secret- it’s Fabulous!

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