Hollywood Dish 3.17.16

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Kelly Clarkson, Missy Elliott, Kelly Rowland, Janelle Monae, Lea Michelle, and Zendaya have all teamed up with First Lady Michelle Obama to record a song written by Diane Warren to promote female empowerment. The song is titled ‘This Is For My Girls’. Warren said the new single is like ‘We Are The World’ meets ‘Lady Marmalade’. Love that! #girlpower

Time Magazine has named the 30 Most Influential People on the Internet.  Time says the 30 were chosen based upon their global impact on social media and their overall ability to drive news. Some of those who made the list include Kim Kardashian West, Kayne West, Drake, James Corden.

Taylor Swift and her DJ boyfriend, Calvin Harris, are reportedly getting very close to walking down the aisle and the most shocking thing coming out of the wedding details is that neither feels it is necessary to sign a pre-nup. Taylor is worth an estimated 280 million and check this out, for some of his DJ gig’s, Calvin gets $400,000 a night. Friends say that they are both independently wealthy and neither would go after the others fortune.

Jo Jo, from Dallas, the next Bachelorette who was rejected by The Bachelor Ben, is speaking out and I have the scoop just for you! First and foremost, Jo Jo has said she is totally over Ben! You go girl! Secondly, she said that due to the fact that she DID fall in love with Ben on the show, she does believe in the format of the show and honestly believes that she will find love as the new Bachelorette!

Jerry Seinfeld has sold 17 of his classic cars for a grand total of $22.2 million dollars! You heard that right, 17 cars for 22.2 million! Some of the cars included a 1955 Porsche for 5.3 million and a VW Beetle for $121,000!

Gwen Stefani’s new album titled “This is What the Truth Feels Likes” IS, as we suspected, all about what she was going through while her 14 year marriage to Gavin Rossdale came to a close. She said, and I quote, “my life fell apart, my family fell apart, everything fell apart.” She went on to to say, “I have to turn this around, I will not go down like this!” And the album, which will be released tomorrow, was born!

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