Hollywood Dish April 19, 2016

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Steve Kemble Logo 2016She’s Here! John Legend and Chrissy Teigen welcomed 6 Lb, 11oz Daughter Luna Simone Stephens to the world over the weekend! If you are wondering why the last name Stephens- the answer is simple- John Legends real last name is Stephens. Chrissy known for her hysterical Tweets sent one over the weekend which said, “to everyone asking- John is healing perfectly”. I love her! Congratulations John and Chrissy!


A cavalcade of celebs came out for the most anticipated music festival of the year- Coachella 2016. The biggest trending moments of Coachella revolved around Taylor Swift and Rhianna! Taylor debuted a beach blond bob while attending the Gun N’ Roses concert at her first Coachella ever. Later in the afternoon she flew on her private jet to San Antonio Texas for the wedding of one of her back-up singers, then returned to Coachella later the same night- and you thought your Saturday was busy! The other big trending moment was a certain couple spotted at Coachella-that couple Rhianna and Oscar winner Leonardo Di Caprio! Oh My! Taylor Swifts boyfriend Calvin Harris promised a big superstar would appear with him during his set at Coachella and of course everyone assumed it was Taylor Swift- guess what, it was none other than Rhianna! In case you were wondering what everyone was wearing at Coachella, it was all about bikini!


Some good news! Prince appears to be doing fine! Reports surfaced Friday that while returning from Atlanta his private jet had to make an emergency landing due to Prince’s health. Prince stated he has a severe case of the flu, but still managed to make a public appearance on Saturday near his home in Minnesota. He did not play, but told the crowd “wait a few days before you waste any prayers”.


Kim and Kourtney Kardashian decided to take a helicopter tour in Iceland to celebrate Kourtney’s 37th birthday yesterday. While up in the air, they heard a horrible clanging noise, and the helicopter had to make an emergency landing! All is good! Once on the ground they discovered what was making the noise was a seat belt hanging outside the helicopter door banging on the side of the helicopter! In true Kardashian form, Kim documented the entire thing on Snapchat!


Something must be in the water in Hollywood,  another celeb couple has announced they are expecting a child! Olivia Wilde announced via her Instagram yesterday that she Jason Sudeikis are expecting a baby! This will be the second for the couple, their son Otis Alexander turns two this week!


Blake Shelton held up a cup directly up to the camera during his concert in Fort Lauderdale that said “I Drink Get Over It!”. Shelton recently filed a defamation lawsuit against In Touch magazine for its cover story saying he had hit  “rock bottom” and was going to rehab because of his drinking. In Touch has responded to the lawsuit saying it’s not defamation because HE! created the drinking image. I suspect In Touch attorney’s will be walking into court with a photo from this concert!