Hollywood Dish July 26, 2016

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What’s buzzing this week? Let Steve Kemble, US Weekly Fashion Police Top Cop, entertainment reporter for the CBS Radio Show – Uncorked Afternoons with Leigh Ann on KVIL 103.7 www.kvil.com and America’s Sassiest Lifestyle Guru, fill you in on the news everyone’s going to be talking about:


Lady Gaga was seen looking gorgeous and with a huge smile on her face attending her God Daughter, Sistilia’s baptism. Following the end of her engagement to longtime love Taylor Kinney, Gaga has not been seen smiling much. Sistilia is the daughter of Gaga’s jazz bandleader Brian Newman and his wife burlesque performer Angie Pontani. Following the ceremony they all dined on a huge feast, Italian style! but of course!


Taylor Swift was asked not to accompany her boyfriend Tom Hiddleston to Comic-Con in San Diego, and BREAKING NEWS Kim Kardashian had nothing to do with it! Hiddleston appeared on behalf of his new film “Kong: Skull Island” and organizers felt if Swift accompanied him it would cause a HiddleSwift circus, disrupting the event.


It seems the entire world is talking about email scandals, and yet another has just leaked regarding Ariana Grande’s DonutGate video from last summer. The email was about her appearing at a White House Gala. At the very end of the just released email chain talking about how she said she hated America in the video, the person asked, so can she perform? and the government official replied with a simple, and I quote “nope sorry!” OUCH!


Britney Spears recently posted a pic of herself and her two sons at the Cheesecake Factory indulging on corn dogs, French fries, and a giant Caesar salad #iwantakillerbodyeatingfriesandcorndogs! In a follow-up she revealed just how she keeps those abs, her next post was her speed walking on the treadmill and lifting weights to Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines.


Demi Lovato owes much of her success to the Disney channel yet she made it clear she does not want to be compared to other Disney stars! She said, “I’m one- I’m not anyone but myself, and I wish people around me would stop comparing me to those other Disney stars” Ooooh! Major shade!  #mileyandselenashe’stalkingabouty’all


Kim Kardashian West was rushed to the emergency…dentist! As she prepared to head to Vegas for a nightclub appearance she claims to have chipped her tooth, and called 911! In true Kardashian form, she documented the whole visit to a Beverly Hills dentist who specializes in veneers on Snapchat!


Rhianna has been cast as the ill-fated Marion Crane, the fictional character from the thriller Psycho in season 5 of A&E’s popular series Bates Motel! Rhi Rhi confirmed the news at Comic-Con in San Diego, by saying I’m checking into the Bates Motel very soon”.


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