Hollywood Dish, January 12, 2014

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What’s buzzing this week? Let Steve Kemble, US Weekly Fashion Police Top Cop, entertainment reporter for the CBS Radio Show – Afternoons with Leigh Ann & Courtney Kerr on KVIL 103.7 www.kvil.com and America’s Sassiest Lifestyle Guru, fill you in on the news everyone’s going to be talking about:

Katy Perry appears to be feeling a ‘Fireworks’ kind of emotion! My sources saw Perry at the Harvey Weinstein Golden Globes after party being “extremely flirty” with Orlando Bloom! I am hearing sparks flew when Orlando would lean in to whisper into her ear, and touch the small of her back! OH MY! Remember it was just two weeks ago that Perry was spotted with her ex John Mayer at the Hollywood hot spot The Nice Guy in LA. #busygirl. Lady Gaga stumbled out of the same Weinstein event, appearing as if she had celebrated her Golden Globes win in a glorious way! She almost took a huge stumble as she left the party but was caught on either side by two monstrous bodyguards! She survived and oh so importantly- her platinum blond Marilyn Monroe-esque wig stayed completely in-tact! WHEW!

Jared Leto I am sure probably wishes he had never trash talked Taylor Swift! Leto has filed a lawsuit against TMZ for copyright infringement. Well now TMZ and Warner Bros. (the parent company of TMZ) have filed suit against the videographer who sold them the video. They are claiming he misled them as it regards ownership of the video. You will recall that Leto apologized effusively to Swift on social media following the release of the contents of the video by TMZ. In the video he actually compliments the singer before making some off-color remarks. This lawsuit puts Warner Bros. in a precarious situation as Leto is among the stars in the upcoming DC Comics blockbuster ‘Suicide Squad’ which will be distributed by Warner Bros. I am sure these lawsuits are intense, but I would suggest Leto, TMZ and Warner Bros. all take cover if Swift decides to write a hit song about the whole ordeal!

The Playboy Mansion is for sale! The 29 room Holmby Hills estate known for its legendary parties (and ‘Grotto’, ewwwww! #theresnotenoughchlorine) comes complete with three zoo and aviary buildings, a koi pond, citrus orchard, tennis and basketball courts, swimming pool, wine cellar, screening room, game room and are you ready for this…the ‘Playboy’ himself Hugh Hefner! You read that right-any buyer must agree to the terms that Hugh Hefner is allowed to live on the grounds of the estate until his death! Personally, I think it sounds like the perfect love nest for Kim and Kayne!

R.I.P. David Bowie. Your music will live on forever! #legend

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