Hollywood Dish October 7, 2016

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What’s buzzing this week? Let Steve Kemble, US Weekly Fashion Police Top Cop, entertainment reporter for the CBS Radio Show – Uncorked Afternoons with Leigh Ann on KVIL 103.7 www.kvil.com and America’s Sassiest Lifestyle Guru, fill you in on the news everyone’s going to be talking about:

Lady Gaga, the halftime entertainment for next year’s Super Bowl in Houston was asked, who were her favorite Super Bowl halftime performers? She replied with… Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, and her father’s favorite Bruce Springsteen. Wow! those are some big shoes to fill! Yesterday, Taylor Swift was announced as the Headline Entertainment for DirectTV’s Pre-Super Bowl event as part of a multiyear AT&T deal. The event will be held the night before the Super Bowl!


Karl Lagerfeld the legendary creative director of Chanel has chimed in on the Kim Kardashian armed hotel robbery in Paris. Echoing the sentiments of many security officials. Lagerfeld said, “if you are famous and you put all your jewelry on the net, you have to stay in hotels where nobody can get in!” He went onto to say, “you cannot display your wealth, then be surprised when people want it!”


Chrissy Teigen and John Legend purchased Rhianna’s old estate in Los Angeles as their new love nest! Teigen said one of the things she is enjoying most about owning the home is, looking at all the mail that comes, that is addressed to Rhianna! Someone, please let Chrissy know it is against the law to open other people’s mail, Oh My!


Johnny Manziel is being sued for $180,000 for damages to a $50 million dollar home he was renting.  The estate in the Hollywood Hills has 32 bedrooms and 51 bathrooms, and rents for $25,000.00 a month. The owner claims Manziel turned the house into a “frat house”. He went on to say, VERY SARCASTICALLY that the last person who rented the home, treated it better than Johnny Football…and who was the last person that rented this house, Justin Bieber!


Emily Blunt was asked at the “Girl on the Train” premiere in New York, which opens in theatres today if she felt that there will ever be a sequel to “The Devil Wears Prada”. She stated that if everyone and she was careful to emphasise everyone agreed, she thinks there definitely would be!


Iggy Azalea was spotted in LA on a horse jumping through an equestrian style obstacle course! She said riding horses is her therapy, it’s helping her cope with her split from her ex-fiancé LA Lakers player Nick Young. As if the breakup wasn’t bad enough, it got worse when she found out Young was expecting a child with another woman he was with, while dating Azalea!




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