Hollywood Dish June 27, 2017

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What’s buzzing this week? Let Steve Kemble, US Weekly Fashion Police Top Cop and America’s Sassiest Lifestyle Guru, fill you in on the news everyone’s going to be talking about:


Lil Kim is a “person of interest” in a robbery investigation by the LAPD. The rapper rented a home for a party she wanted to host, after the BET Awards. She and her posse decided to check out the house at 2 AM that she had pre-paid a $20,000.00 deposit to rent. She arrived and told the homeowner it was not swanky enough and wanted her deposit back. The homeowner refused and called the police. Lil Kim and her crew left around 4:00 am after police told both parties this would fall into a civil dispute and they would need to hash it out in court. Well, later that evening a group of people showed up in ski masks! They entered the home took Lil Kim’s check, $20,000 in cash, slashed the homeowner’s tires and stole one hubcap! Oh My!


Ed Sheeran has admitted that before he hit it big he actually slept on Oscar winner Jamie Foxx’s sofa for 6 weeks. Sheeran said that when he was just starting out he personally went to Foxx and asked him to listen to his music. Foxx liked it, and says he knew Sheeran really had no place to go so offered up his house, and the rest is history!


One of professional tennis’ bad boys John McEnroe released his autobiography titled “But Seriously” this week. In the book, he tells how frustrated he was, that he was never able to get past the velvet ropes and into the legendary nightclub Studio 54, and then goes on the express how he feels about one of the club’s most notorious figures, Andy Warhol. He says Warhol actually ruined his sex life because when he would see him at private parties he would always disrupt conversations he was having with beautiful women (“mostly models”) so he could take some of his infamous Polaroid pictures. Over the years, Warhol took Polaroids of Mick Jagger, Liza Minelli, Jack Nicholson, Debbie Harry, Yves St. Laurent and more!


 Bachelor in Paradise has resumed filming and producers have sent a letter to all contestants warning, “their luggage will be checked for illegal drugs!” I am assuming due to this letter being sent now, they did not check contestant’s luggage before!? The Bachelor in Paradise went on temporary hiatus after a sexual misconduct scandal rocked the show!


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